In the past few years, California has addressed several issues with drinking water quality, including contamination and lack of safe drinking water. According to, in 2021, there were 370 water systems, mainly located in low-income communities, that didn’t meet water quality standards. Unsafe drinking water can lead to an increased risk of cancer and liver and kidney problems. 

As Californians, we’re accustomed to hearing about the importance of filtering drinking water but what about the water we use to shower? You may be wondering if the water you use to shower with everyday is clean and safe to use. Is it clean? Not entirely. 

While California’s water is generally safe, it can become contaminated by chemicals or bacteria from natural or human sources. Natural sources can mean rocks, soil, and fires. Human sources can refer to factories, farm runoff, and sewage. Studies have shown that tap water in California can contain heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria.

Water hardness is also an issue in California. In fact, most of Southern California has hard water. Municipal water supplies commonly use a disinfectant of calcium, magnesium and chlorine. Over time, chlorine can cause dryness and irritation to skin and hair. 

Filtering your shower water is a simple yet effective solution to combat the dangers of showering with unfiltered water. Try installing a quality filtered shower head like EZWELL’s ACF Dual Filtered Shower Head, which is equipped with a dual filtration system. The sediment filter removes sand, silt, rust, heavy metals, and other organic material. The ACF filter effectively removes chlorine from your water. 

Don’t let the hidden dangers of unfiltered water compromise your health and well-being. By filtering your shower water to remove impurities, you can experience softer, smoother skin and healthy, shiny hair. Switch to the simple and effective solution by installing a filtered shower head!