Self-care and wellness should start from the ground up, with the water we use to shower with every day. Explore the benefits of filtering your shower water with a product like the EZWELL ACF Dual Filtered Shower Head and learn why clean shower water should become an essential to your wellness routine. 

Chlorine is commonly added to municipal shower water supply but its effects can be harmful to your skin and hair over time. Chlorine can cause dryness, irritation, and strip your skin and hair of its natural oils. 

When you use a filtered shower head with a chlorine filter like the EZWELL ACF Dual Filtered Shower Head, you can trust that your water is free from chlorine, providing you with a cleaner and purer showering experience.

Did you know your water can contain other harmful contaminants like rust, heavy metals like lead and mercury, sand, silt, and other organic materials? This can cause an array of issues such as skin and scalp irritation and dryness, hair damage and dullness, or acne. 

A filtered shower head equipped with a sediment filter like the EZWELL ACF Dual Filtered Shower Head will remove these contaminants from your water before it reaches your skin and hair. As a result, you can enjoy a purified shower experience, free from the damaging effects of harmful substances. 

The EZWELL ACF Dual Filtered Shower Head meets NSF certification standards. The filters are tested and proven to effectively remove impurities from shower water. Many people underestimate the importance of shower water quality in their daily routines, not knowing that impurities in their shower water is actually causing damage over time. 

Choose a filtered shower head like the EZWELL ACF Dual Filtered Shower Head and never wonder about what’s lurking in your water and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re showering with clean, purified water that nourishes and protects.