Is Your Shower Water Safe? Contaminants in Rural Water vs. Urban Water

Rural water or City water, which one has better shower water quality? They have their differences but the answer isn’t that simple. The quality of your shower water can vary depending on the source of your water and the region. It is important to understand the differences between rural and urban water quality, as well as the common contaminants that are found in each to properly assess a plan for safer water in your home.

Rural areas often rely on private wells or smaller community water systems as water supplies. People in rural areas may benefit from having well water if it’s their own private well, then they dont have to pay the water bill. Typically, well water is also fresher and higher in mineral and nutrient content. However, being less regulated means it can become contaminated. Common contaminants in rural water are from farm runoff, such as nitrates, that can seep into groundwater supply and pose health risks, pesticides and herbicides, which can contaminate local water sources. Natural deposits of metals like arsenic, lead, and manganese can also dissolve into groundwater and lead to contamination. 

Urban water systems tend to be larger and more regulated. They may go through multiple stages of treatment in order to remove contaminants. The city is responsible for testing and maintaining the water quality while safeguarding public health. However, since it has been extensively treated, city water is not as fresh as well water. The chemicals used to treat the water such as chlorine are safe but over time can have adverse effects on skin and hair. City water can also become contaminated from rusty, aging pipes. 

Regardless of whether you live in a rural or urban area, contaminants in your shower water may pose a risk to your health and overall well-being. The simple solution is to invest in a filtered shower head like EZWELL’s ACF Dual Filtered Shower Head, equipped with a dual filtration system. The Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) Filter effectively neutralizes chlorine. The sediment filter captures, rust, sand, silt, and other organic material. 



After removing harmful impurities from your shower water, you will see the difference by the softness and healthy radiance in your skin and hair. You can also enjoy the relaxing experience of a high pressure water flow, that is designed to be strong yet conserves water and is eco-friendly. Make the switch to EZWELL today and experience the benefits of cleaner, safer shower water in your home.