If you are ever unsure or just curious about the quality of your shower water, municipal water reports are a great resource for finding detailed information about your water. You can find your local water report on your city’s public water website. For those who own private wells or get their water from another non-regulated source, you can find out more about your water quality by contacting your local County Environmental Health Department. 

Public water sources are required to make water quality reports available to their consumers and release updated reports annually. These reports contain important data about the water quality in your area, including the source of the water, detected contaminants, health effects information, water quality violations, and any additional information pertaining to water quality. 

When reading your water report, focus on the sections about detected contaminants and their levels. Compare these levels to the maximum contaminant levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency, if that information is not already provided on the report. Even when the levels are within the limits, it is important to stay informed about how much of the contaminants are in your water. Pay attention to any health advisories related to the detected contaminants. 

Municipal water facilities are responsible for testing and ensuring that the water is safe for the public. However, contaminants can still reach your water from run-off, old pipes, or water treatments. Contaminants you may find in shower water are sediments, heavy metals like lead and mercury, rust, and chlorine. While chlorine is used as a treatment to eliminate bacteria in water supply, over time it can be drying and irritating to hair and skin. 

Filtering your shower water is a smart choice to eliminate those contaminants and prevent the potential health risks. Choosing a high-quality filtered shower head like the EZWELL ACF Dual Filtered Shower Head, offers numerous benefits. Experience the powerful water flow from its stainless steel spray plate, that’s strong yet feels smooth on skin. Enjoy softer skin and shinier hair by removing hidden impurities. It can also help conserve water usage, helping both the environment and your water bill. You’ll always know when it’s time to change your filters, from the visible filter window. 

Understanding how to read a water report is important for the health of you and your family. Identify potential contaminants and invest in a high quality filtered shower head like EZWELL to ensure your shower water is safe every time.